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About Us

ISI Icomteq Inc. is a full-service company engaged in developing business
software and providing technical support to its clients.

ISI Icomteq Inc was started in 2010 as a joint venture between a Filipino-owned software company and a leading provider for managed eDiscovery services, both based in New York. Our primary mission was to develop a cloud-based high-performance eDiscovery hosting platform that leveraged on open-source technologies and the ingenuity of Filipino developers. Our business model was to allow for more affordable solutions targeted towards the greater US corporate market while providing work opportunities for talented Filipinos in a Philippine-based business setting, rather than resourcing in the US or overseas elsewhere. [...Read More]

In support of eDiscovery, our products were designed to advocate “big data” handling and collaborative document management, incorporating framework and technologies that support high-performance and tight security in a cloud-based or private network environment. Since inception, our partnership has produced several advanced technologies that are integrated into our current software offerings, and a home-grown IT team specializing in “big data” processing, information management, digitization and cloud solutions.

Our initial development efforts targeted US corporate markets exclusively. However, after re-integrating with the Philippine business landscape, exposure to peers and local market familiarization, our principals recognized the potential opportunities and benefits our products and solutions can offer both the Philippine government and private enterprises as well. In mid 2015, ISI Icomteq shifted its main development thrust towards addressing local initiatives --- specifically, to provide digitization and collaborative information management solutions that cater specifically to Philippine business practices and methodologies.


To be known as a world class software developer, expert in Web & Enterprise Solutions, cut above the rest where Technology and Business join together to achieve excellence and growth for industries globally.


To continually develop systems that measure up to international standards so as to respond positively and effectively to changing times and employ top-calibre individuals who are dedicated, creative and highly motivated in the pursuit of creating quality business software and in providing solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Our Services

Software Solutions

One of our rewards is knowing that our customers are highly satisfied with our software solutions. Our products have been developed employing the expertise of specialists with versatility on function, performance, scalability, security, profitability, and user-friendliness. We have close interaction with end users during initial implementation to hear their needs and how we can help them with requirements. We find value in collaboration with our clients and see the horizon of opportunities through this practice. Our organization prioritizes providing of customized and state of the art technology solutions.

Web & Enterprise Solutions

Icomteq delivers professional web site designs that are tailor fitted for our clients. We begin by understanding our clients’ business, corporate values, and market. We do not only design their websites but also match over-all corporate branding with consideration to colour, schemes, graphic arts and images. More importantly, we make sure to have creativity, technical skills, and experience to deliver flawless and cost effective enterprise wide solutions. We can administer and maintain your host servers, providing you a worry-free total solution package.

IT Outsourcing Solutions

Our infrastructure has been built to deliver outsourcing solutions to help your business achieve competitive edge. We work closely with our clients to guarantee solutions that are aligned to meet unique business requirements while providing flexibility and cost transparency. We organize IT-related needs including data center operations, service desk management, application hosting and management, remote desktop support, and even on-demand programming support. Our global logistics allow us to provide cost-effective options that enable our clients with increased profitability, accelerated market responsiveness, and simplified IT management.

Technologies we've been using

Jquery Angular Spring MySQL Richfaces JBoss PrimeFaces Struts Eclipse Windows-OS Linux-OS

Digitization Tracker Solution

ISITrack is designed as a supplementary tool for digitization projects to help capture document tags efficiently and to effectively manage and keep track of paper documents through all phases of digitization.

Information Management System

Icomteq Information Management System (IMS) is an all-in-one solution, a singular platform in a secure, centralized website where digitized documents can be compiled, organized and secured with other digital files, making these easily accessible for information-sharing, research, investigation and collaboration. [...Read More]

“Search and Filter” is the Icomteq IMS portal for enterprise content management.

Icomteq IMS provides powerful tools that make the management of enterprise information easier by simplifying storage, content organization, security, version control, and retention. It features Quick Search, Advanced Search, Visual Search, Tag Management & Organization, Folder Management for both private and shared collections, User and Permissions Management, Folder Import and Export, a Unified Document Viewer and Transcription to capture pertinent digitized content. The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs.

The Icomteq IMS “Library” provides quick online access to shared document collections for research, collaborative review or simple information-sharing initiatives.

Packaged in a friendly user interface that is simple to navigate, and accessible from any PC or mobile device, the Library features Keyword Search, Advanced Filtering by Tag, Snippet and Tag display in the Results or Folder List, Search History, Favorites, a Unified Document Viewer, and Personalized Folders, Notes and Annotations that can be shared with other Library users. This eLibrary solution can be integrated seamlessly into any enterprise website, to provide the organization with information-sharing capability in response to the government mandate of promoting “Freedom of Information”.

“Workflow Manager” is the Icomteq IMS electronic document routing portal.

It features easy-to-use tools to create dynamic workflow scenarios for streamlining and tracking timeboxed document review and signature routing tasks. A review workflow allows a document to be distributed in parallel to key players for review and comments. Review annotations are easily shared and consolidated for quick collaboration. A signature routing workflow allows a document to be passed around automatically to designated signatories until the document is either rejected or approved. eSignatures are secured and tracked by key codes to ensure integrity. Icomteq IMS also provides dashboard workflow status and progress, as well as email notifications and reminders.

The Icomteq IMS “Review” portal features robust tools to manage and review eDiscovery cases, and serves as a very effective tool for facilitating investigative

eDiscovery processes and technologies are often complex because of the sheer volume of digital data produced and stored, including emails, documents, presentations, as well as audio and video files. Icomteq IMS captures and preserves original digital content and metadata, required to eliminate claims of spoliation or tampering with evidence later in litigation. More importantly, Icomteq IMS provides efficient tools to quickly cull down huge document collections and search for relevant content, and to customize workflows for analyzing, reviewing and producing core evidence for litigation in a defensible manner.

Warehouse Management System

Icomteq Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive software system, designed to provide public warehouse facilities with the tools necessary for effective management of customer inventory and efficient handling of inbound and outbound transfers

Library Tracker System

Icomteq Library Tracker System (LTS) is designed to work seamlessly with Icomteq IMS. Artifact locators are systematically obtained and sent to the storage facility when original documents are requested. Releases and returns are logged to establish and trace accountability. A dashboard is in place to provide visibility to documents that are outstanding.

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